Why Blog?

Laura Gao

24 Dec 2020 • 1 min read

From a materialistic standpoint, publishing blog posts on your personal website doesn't make sense. If you want to grow an audience [1], Medium is a much better bet: your content gets distributed across the platform with the possiblility that thousands of readers will pick it up, there's a follow button where you can collect followers, your posts can get liked (or clapped), and a comment section at the end of each article. Compare that to a personal blogging site: there's no way for eaders to follow, like, or comment. There's no way for this content to get stumbled upon, unless people are looking at my portfolio.

I get maybe 400 views per Medium article, 200 views on youtube, and probably 5 views per blog post.

But it is in this lack of discovery that gives me the most freedom. Here, I can write however I want, use as little engagement tactics as I please, and no harm will be caused to me. It may make more sense to publish on Medium because I get more views there, but Medium confines me to high quality standards and I fear publishing something subpar will lower my average views

As wise woman Emaan said,

I came to the realization that there are two types of artists:

1. Use their emotion to drive their creativity - their art has no bounds aka technicality is out the window (literally me LOL)

2. Use technique and are articulate to evoke a specific emotion from the viewer (what I thought I should be)

Similarly, there are 2 buckets of writing:

  1. Writing as an outlet for your thoughts
  2. Writing using techniques thinking about intended reader experience, trying to convince others that your thoughts are credible

My Medium is for type 2. This blog is for type 1.

[1] Which you probably do - after all, the whole purpose of making content is to put it on the stage of the Internet, to get people to see it, right? Right?